Hoppa Project aims to promote music from Eastern Europe and the Middle East by performing the music of the region with a wide range of styles from folk to newly commissioned contemporary music.
Hoppa is an exclamation that is commonly used in the region to say “Come on!, Let’s go!”. This is the attitude we feel is needed to share what we love. Our goal is to expose people to a culture that they might not know well and also bring foreigners abroad back home with music. Hoppa Project brings western and eastern trained musicians together in order to discover cultural connections.

Some of Hoppa Project’s recent events include a multi-day annual Turkish Music Festival in Houston, a concert series of Turkish and Australian music to remember the 100 year anniversary of the events at Gelibolu (Gallipoli) during World War I; and the Segâh Festival of Persian and Turkish Music, a multi-day festival held in Pittsburgh, PA to highlight the cultural relationship between these two regions.

Hoppa Project premiered and recorded Reza Vali's Sornâ (Folk Songs, Set No. 17) which is included in the album The Ancient Call released by Albany Records in 2016. Hoppa Project has collaborated with varied artists such as clarinetist Ismail Lumanovski, Beth Bahia Cohen, Carpe Diem String Quartet, Del Sol String Quartet, Apollo Chamber Players, singer Ayşe Göknur Şanal, and composers Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, Özkan Manav Önder Özkoç, Yiğit Kolat and Kamran İnce.





The 2nd Annual Turkish Music Festival -
Poster- Performing Asia Music of Turkey.
Reza Vali - Ancient Call
The Segah Festival Flyer
Rehearsal with Ismail Lumanovski
After recording session
Apollo Chamber Players
Shanal - Canakkale Songs
Turkish-Australian Music Events
Reza Vali and Ayse Goknur Shanal
with Ayse Goknur Shanal